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What kinds of bags are requisite this summer?

As the spring arrived, bag is also changed according to the season. Do not know the fashion trend this spring bag? Today spring and hit the wind restoring ancient ways.

Very retro a dual-purpose bag, can also single shoulder, diagonal, are possible. In the design of the sewing pattern, color is used in the classic dark red, relatively easy to match and not easy to outdate. The whole package’s type is simple stereo, exquisite pattern, which is suitable for leisure.

The beauty of this bag is it absorbing? Look so beautiful? This is a very attractive bag. The fringe locking contrasting handbag, is a very retro style, designed by the contrasting hot, let the bag is more vivid, more effective , long tassels, inadvertently reveal a lively temperament.

The bag is designed according to the fashion major suit smiley package, the difference is that the bag with lace and rivet elements, but the version or very retro. This trend beautiful bag with lace elements of the package body, rivets, horsehair cover, fusion of multiple elements, make the package more trendy, making black is not monotonous.

Three kinds of distinctive color combination burst out the ultimate appeal, cold warm color. So it is beautiful with you whatever the season is, and as a refreshing breeze. You’re holding or carrying absolutely cool. Leather enough grades are durable, long design and agile and delicate.

It is exquisite lovable appearance at a glance the conquest, circular flat style full of rich, plus imports of leather and pleasing to the eye gloss appears particularly graceful. Shape simple fashion, which capacity is large and the setup is very superb. You can choose different mould what you want. This summer, i believe you would never be vexed about carrying what kind of bag when you go out.