FION brand was founded in 1979, named after a famous river in France – Le FION. It flows through the Champagne – Ardenne, which is full of Champagne. The name of this emits light champagne smell, not only endowed with FION brand noble and elegant connotation, but also show like champagne bubbles exquisite and pay attention to the character of process.

For over 30 years, FION professional design team has kept seeking for process and quality. FION brand concept – “The Way You Are”, advocates that women should have their own fashion idea, keep the character request, and give understanding character of contemporary career women unique fashion taste. It conveys in the new period women seeking attitude of personality and career.

FION, continuous to innovate and emerges more and more series elegant products, and many new quarterly series were born. It has been a series available in the market because each series with unique design could express new women’s ego personality, meeting the needs of different social situations. FION handbags’ series always with elegant simplicity as the design focus. Clear lines show that the urban women are independent, natural and unrestrained at ease side, attaining the love of the young executives. All the products with advanced foreign leather and metal accessories, are proceed from the designer. The exquisitely meticulous technique often creates one after another surprise for the customers!

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Fashion women clothes

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women and bags

women and bags

The Introduction of Chiffon dress

As is known to all,women like dresses,especially yong women.Because dress is so beautiful and comfortable. And now chiffon dress becomes very popular.So let me introduce something about chiffon dress.

Chiffon dress is one made of snow spins, of sheer fabric texture thin, transparent, soft, elegant dress. On a hot summer, there is a kind of cool and refreshing Comfortable and lightsome feeling.

Chiffon dress, because the fabric warpand weft shu lang, especially easy to breathe freely.To add sufficient decrement of dyeing processing and fabrics feel particularly soft. To the modern women’s pursuit of fashion fabrics. Texture soft, thin and transparent chiffon fabrics, feeling smooth elastic, delicate and bright appearance.It has the amount of good permeability and drapability. Wearing in the body is very comfort and elegant; Due to the nature of elegant smooth transparent chiffon to make the full of romantic taste, women dress can bring unparalleled wonderful effect. Into upper body, not only charming, grave and elegant,but also wearing very easily, and it can smooth the delicate and charming beauty of that free and easy. Both show large skin sexy clipping and the coolness of intellectual contracted style, don’t bother to collocation. Chiffon dress always can let a woman add thousand hundred flatters and ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings.

As far as I’m concerned,each girl should have a chiffon dress. It can make us look more confident ang charming.

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Flower Bags for a Festive Early Summer

Flower decorated patterns have become the most festive style in the most carefree season. With summer looming ahead, every style conscious accessories fiend should be looking to spice up the wardrobe with a floral print somewhere. Of course, we at Fashlets love our favorite prints first and foremost on handbags. The great thing about floral patterns is that, like real flowers in nature, they come in so many different colors and blossom in each and every way. Some flower bags are quite forthcoming with the concept: a flower almost the size of the bag itself is stitched on in the shape of a rosette.
Diophy Fashion Wristlet Bag

Other flower-based patterns are more subtle in design, as seen on this delicate multi-functional tote:
Floral Print Multi Function Tote Bag

Still others tend to mix up vividly blooming flowers with animal prints. These give off a wildly exotic look that simply cannot be achieved with pure animal print bags. Check out this staff favorite: a leopard print floral satchel made by Dasein.
Dasein leopard floral printed satchel

And if you happen to be into the whole black-and-white contrast over more vibrant hues, you can retain that exotic feel with this zebra printed flower clutch.
Montana West Rustic Couture Zebra Flower Clutch

Whatever style you prefer, flower bags are a must have this summer, as their vividly blooming colors are a celebration of the season’s blue skies, beaming rays, and unabashed optimism.

Clutch Bags for a Special Occasion

The late spring to early summer season is prime time for weddings, proms, semi-formals, graduation parties and other festive gatherings. Whether you’re just graduating school or soon-to -be guest to a friend’s wedding, you’re going to want to dress and look your absolute best. Here at the blog we’re here to help you solve one particular style conundrum: which handbag to carry to one of these special occasions?

Assuming you’ll want to travel as lean as possible, you’ll definitely want some sort of clutch-type evening bag. Clutches usually come in sizes of 10 by 8 by 4 (inches), just big enough to hold your makeup, cell phone, cash and/or credit card, yet small enough to clutch in one hand. Some clutches come with a strap just long enough to hang over your wrist, called “wristlets.” But when it comes to clutches, style ultimately trumps over utility, so let’s look at a few styles that are suitable for each type of occasion.

For weddings, we prefer sequined decorations against backgrounds of gold, such as seen on this particular piece:
Sequins flap over front clutch with rhinestone

Sometimes elegant rhinestones may work as well as a decorative piece on the front flap, as seen on this one:
Dasein Elegant Pleated Evening Bag Clutch

Although we like lighter shades of colors for weddings, whatever color you decide on, avoid majority whites as that’s a color reserved for the bride only.

For proms, we love sparkling styles that give off the occasional glare even in a dark, dance-club atmosphere. Again, rhinestones work especially well in these situations for their shine.
Rhinestone decorated satin evening bag clutch

Studded styles are also a popular choice especially for the after-prom party:
Dasein studded clutch wallet

Aside from weddings and proms, we also recommend a few clutches that look great in any social festivity of the season. Pleated clutches with a metallic touch–in the form of gold chains or a push lock–belong in many party scenes:
Gold-Kissed Pleated Clutch

More classic snakeskin embossed styles can be an exotic and eye-catching addition to any evening soiree.
Patent Leatherette Snake Skin Embossed Clutch

If you’re still left searching for the clutch that’s right for you and the special occasion you have in plans, feel free to browse our entire clutches collection here.

Pearl — Beautiful and unique

Pearl is an ancient organic gems, produced in pearl shellfish and pearlescent shellfish mollusks.Due to secretory action ,it has Color and elegant temperament.Pearl symbol of health, pure, rich and happy, loved by people form of old.

Each pearl surface has loomed the iridescence , this special lingering charm in step with the women’s soft nature , especially elegant and implicit eastern women.

Pearls is different with diamonds and gemstones, pearl was the only naturally treasure don’t need to processed , so in the very long period of time, both in Europe and China, only available for royal.In China the history of use the pearl can back to two thousand years ago .

Pearl type and color is various, so the quality is uneven.we called the pearl treasure when is diameter reach to 7 millimeters. generally the diameter under 6 millimeters pearls are not included in the category of pearl jewelry level.

In addition to the adornment effect, pearl also has medicinal value .Because pearl is close to the neck of people,it has anti-inflammatory action and has good effect on peal is a kand of Beautiful and unique treasure.

Women’s dream: Tiffany

Tiffany &Co., producing jewelry and silver ornament, was established in 1837 in America. Tiffany is the symbol of American design, and has been popular for nearly two centuries. The theme of Tiffany is love and beauty, romantic and dream. It meets all women’s image of happy wedding. The reason why Tiffany became famous is the effect of Breakfast at Tiffany’s which was stared by Audrey Hepburn. And she was also the big fan of Tiffany. Tiffany has become the good choice of wedding ring or gift which lovers buy for each other. So go to the Tiffany’s official website, buy a gift for your lover, which will let her love you more and you will be happier. The website is

Top bag for charming ladies

I want to be a part of the future’ said Miss Chanel. Do you think so ?Every lady should have her own unique bag; Chanel borrowed the fashion elements from men’s style to use in the lady’s bag’s design which a combination of graceful, simple, practical, modern and free. Too expensive? NO! 70% for sale now! Want to be a heartbreaker? Yes you can!

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