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“We will start our ‘Reward Project’ – give away $1,000,000 in the way of free bags, coupon code, or gift card during this Christmas shopping Season to our customers to thank them for their constant support.”

NEW YORK, Sept. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — 2012 Christmas shopping season is coming! This shopping spree led people to spending money in droves from last week, giving a fantastic finish to what is already the best holiday week for retail since May. “I am calling it a recovery beginning, so we plan to start our ‘Reward Project’ – giving away $1,000,000 during this Christmas shopping Season to our customers to thank them for their constant support,” said Joyce Chen, the chief executive of

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Top 4 Christmas Shopping Tips

We live on a cutting budget time. So planning ahead is an important part of being able to survive. As August exit and September roars in, I am busy making a list of people who are buying for and what my intentions are for spending. This is how we are able to afford a decent Christmas by planning early and starting in September.


 Set a budget

The first thing I do each year is make a list. Each name is listed with an amount next to it. I try to stay around $20-$30 a person, except for my parents, which is approximately $50 per set. My rough budget is $400, which leaves room for a little overspending.

Pick discount items or clearance

I am a discount and clearance shopper. Each time I visit online stores, I always pay attention to those things that are marked down. I don’t always find a deal but when I do, I scoop it up.

Buy from a popular store

I pick up all my designer handbags, tissue paper, and fashion accessories from popular stores which have well reputation.

Two gifts a month minimum

In order to ensure I have gifts for everyone when Christmas rolls around, I make sure to stick to a minimum of one gift purchase per pay period. I buy at least two gifts a month, making this a requirement starting in September helps me to spread the budget out and not have to skip a bill payment at the last minute.

Each year I look forward to July because it makes it seem like Christmas isn’t so far away. I enjoy bargain hunting and trying to stay well below budget. Each year I end up with more savings than the year before. Last year our budget was $400 and we only spent $315. I saved $85 and were able to hit the after-Christmas sales!

Fall 2012: Top in Show

Hey! Guys! Fall is coming! Are you ready to be the focus? Have you refreshed your wardrobe and looks? Today let us have a look at those hot element for fall 2012.

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From a flirty pink flush to a bright cerulean wink, a pretty spectrum of attention-demanding hues takes center stage with this season’s hottest fashion trends.

It is said that “It’s the look after a morning of skiing, an hour in a hot tub, or some good sex”. What do U think?

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Prints Seemingly lifted straight from a bespoke men’s cravat, the new prints turn basic pieces into something worth talking about. Whether neatly geometric or retro-ish paisley and blooms, it’s all worth a shop.  Highly recommended this print handhag from

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Hope you enjoy a great fall 2012.