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The Return of the Polka Dots

Retro style polka dots made their debut in the high fashion scene some time during the fall of 2011, and the trend has now made its way onto handbags. Reminiscent of something right out of Minnie Mouse’s wardrobe, polka dot prints can bring out the playfulness in anyone’s overall look. The magic in polka dots lies in its variety—the print can come in the style of small grain-like dots, or larger dots mashed together, or slightly contorted ones that give a three-dimensional feel. And the best part of it all, the dots themselves don’t really have to be, well, dots. We’ve seen Marc Jacobs outfits and attires from Natalia Vodianova and Olivia Palermo “dotted” with fine squares and even small hearts. Whatever the pattern, the versatility of polka dots can work for a variety of occasions and yet leave the same chic, playful impression to the eyes of any beholder.

On handbags, we prefer to keep the dots themselves simple to preserve its delicate effect on a small surface area. White is an easy choice for the dots to set against darker backgrounds, and provide just the right contrast. We’ve picked out several new arrivals of the Dasein brand (below) sporting these styles, whether you’re in the hunt for a new satchel, hobo bag, or just a small checkbook.

Dasein white/blue polka dot satchelDasein white/green polka dot hobo bagDasein white/red polka dot checkbook

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4 Essentials for Spring Weather

Wow, Wow, it’s March now!  But the weather has been a bit odd lately.  Yesterday saw a snowstorm, and the next day sunny skies and balmy temperatures. An even bigger dilemma: how to dress during these unpredictable times? Well, let’s look to these lovely ladies and recommendations from for some easy tricks to transitional dressing!

Anais Gvani ® Women's Classic Belted Satchel with Lock Accent

A Printed Fit-and-Flare Dress: This super-fem silhouette is a year-round wardrobe staple—and prints make the piece more versatile. The layering options are countless: denim, leather, and knits, plus don’t be afraid to mix patterns. This Green Anais Gvani ® Women’s Classic Belted Satchel is great for spring.

Anais Gvani ® Women's Croco Embossed Clutch with Zipper Decor & Bonus Gold Chain Shoulder Strap


A Pencil Skirt: Throw a knit or a cropped jacket on top for the cooler days while you wait for the warm weather to hit. Then pair it with a lacy top—another great winter to spring layering piece.




A Standout Blazer: A versatile layer is key, so you could go with a classic black blazer or mix it up with prints.

Mossy Oak Camouflage Fashion Shoulder Bag w/ Croco Trim and Rhinestone Cross


A Fun Spring Sweater: Skip the wintry woolly knits for a lighter weave and choose a lovly bag to match it. It’ll be perfect to throw on for those cooler beachy nights or insanely air-conditioned offices in the summer.

Emperia Studded Fashion Tote Bag with Lock Accent & Bonus Strap

Those Bright Colors for 2013 Spring & Summer

It is easy to find that bright colors are the theme for this Spring. Let’s take a look at some hot release this year.

Now you may familiar with Andy Warhol collection, But you may not know that a collaboration inspired by French fashion photographer Guy Bourdin will be released soon. The collection, created on behalf of the Guy Bourdin Estate, will feature Bourdin’s innovative and provocative work in a set of unique beauty products. Specific product details have not been released yet, it is for sure that bright colors are the main theme.


Bourdin may not be a household name like Andy Warhol, he was a prominent fashion photographer from the 1950s to the 1980s and his work spanned both fashion magazines spreads and advertising campaigns. While his photos were often seen as controversial, he was known for creating fashion photography that told a story and evoked a specific emotion. How Nars will translate this vision into colour cosmetics remains to be seen, but speculation already suggests that the collection could include powerful colours and sensual imagery.

While we fully expected to see a spectrum of bright, bold hues come down the runway, what we didn’t expect was a serious mix of luxurious navy blues, icy grays, and jeweled purples to tag along.

In short, Spring’s vibrant forecast already has us dreaming of ways to style up an outfit that perfectly reflects its rainbow hues. Enjoy!



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2013 Spring New Trends & Styles

Spring is right around the corner, so why not refresh your wardrobe with new fashion spring collection?

The classic pattern is synonymous with warm and nice spring days. Done as a dress, trousers, jackets, and more, it’s perfectly plausible to wear every day of spring.

Along with some old standbys and new favorites, the looks from New York City’s Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week ran the gamut. Here are the top 4!

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