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Top Awesome Hair Styles and Accessories

Hey! Everyone! It’s Monday again! Before I send you off to enjoy some green beer, let’s look back on the prettiness that went down on the blog this week. Here are the best hair, makeup, and hottest sunglasses!


hottest sunglasss from

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Best sunglasses from

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Step 1. Prep the hair.

Added a hair serum and strong-hold mousse before blow-drying to give it a natural, long-lasting hold.

Step 2. Blow-dry with a medium-size brush.

Used a medium round brush at the root area to add volume, then switched to a large round brush to smooth and create soft rounded edges.

Step 3. Finger-comb.

With your fingers, you should combed through and allowed the hair to fall naturally into place. Then misted hair with hairspray for a soft, touchable finish.


How to Clean a Silk Bag

In general, you should avoid taking out your bag in extreme weather condition. Fog, rain, snow and sleet can lead to water marks or stain on the bag.

Dasein Elegant Pleated Evening Bag

To clean your silk bag, make a solution of mild detergent and lukewarm water. Before dipping the bag into the solution, you may want to first apply the solution to a small patch on the bag.

Rhinestone accented pleated front flap clutch

It is better not to rub a silk bag as this can spread out the stain and wear out its fiber.

Rhinestone accented pleated front flap clutch


How to Clean a Nylon Bag

Just like  leather bags, you still need to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Realtree® Camouflage Extra Deep Frame Wallet
Compared with leather bag, cleaning a nylon bag is really easy. Make a solution of lukewarm water and mild detergent or cleaner in a bucket. Dip your bag in the solution for sometime.

Quilted Polka Dot 3pc Diaper Bag
To remove any stains, gently circle a soft bristle on its surface. Leave it for sometime before washing it again, this time, in only lukewarm water.
Finally air dry your nylon bag in a location free of direct sunlight.

Dasein Quilted Polka Dot Tote


Anais Gvani ® Women's Genuine Italian Leather wallet

How to Clean a Genuine Leather Bag

Generally speaking, a genuine leather bag costs a lot and it is expected to be used for a long time. But if you can’t maintain it well, it will turn to be short-lived. Here are some tips for you to maintain your leather bags. Hope they could be helpful for you.


  • Firstly, what you can do is carefully follow the manufacturer instructions that come with your leather bag.


  • Secondly, when cleaning your leather bag, you should empty all your contents and remove loose dirt by gently shaking your bag.

Genuine leather designer inspired fashion shoulder bag

  • Thirdly, clean it with a dry cloth, wipe out the interior of your bag.

Anais Gvani ® Women's Genuine Italian Leather Gold-Studded Checkbook Wallet

  • Fourthly, Dip a damp (definitely not wet) cloth piece in a very mild detergent solution and wipe the surface of your leather bag. To make sure that the cloth piece is not wet, you can wring it out properly after dipping it in the solution.

Anais Gvani ® Women's Suede & Genuine Leather Bi-fold Wallet

  • Fifthly, Dry your bag thoroughly in a dry, dark shaded location. You may want to avoid drying your bag under direct sunlight as this will make it dry and fade its color.

Anais Gvani ® Women's Petite Genuine Leather Bi-fold Wallet

  • Finally, Store properly. When storing unused bags, clean the surface of the leather first and then stuff the bags with cotton wool or cotton fabric to keep the shape of the bags. Put the bag into soft cotton bags and put it in the wardrobe. This can help to avoid distortion from indentation or pressure from other objects in the wardrobe. Ensure that the wardrobe is kept well ventilated, such as a cupboard with louvres, and do not to put too many things in the closet.

Merry Christmas! See Our Amazing Offers for This Year!

How time flies! Christmas is just getting closer,closer,and closer again! Oops…. it is December already now, it is time for you to getting busy with your Christmas gift now? I mean your Christmas gifts. Ye……You. I mean you. What do you want for Christmas this year?

Mmmmm…….. I know what I want but I just confused about what to choose for my families. What about you? Do you have the same problem?

Whatever, take a look at what we provide for this Christmas: All great gift ideas, starting from $8.99 only!! Click here:

2012 top christmas gifts idea

Maybe I should choose an elegant wallet for my MOM too. Hope she will love it!

Hope the following humor could bring you a good laugh!

1. Mom, can I have a dog for Christmas?

[No, you can have turkey like everyone else.]

2. Who is never hungry at Christmas?

[The turkey, he is always stuffed.]

3. What do monkeys sing at Christmas?

[Jungle bells, jungle bells...]

4. What’s the best thing to put into a Christmas cake?

[Your teeth.]

5. A woman went to the Post Office to buy stamps for her Christmas cards.

Clerk: “What denomination?”

Woman: “Oh, good heavens! Have we come to this? Well, give me 50 Baptist and 50 Catholic.”

How to Choose Right Bags for Her?

Ever regret for giving a not proper gift to women or always question yourself whether it is the right gift you have sent?

Do you always find yourself struggling to choose the right and perfect gift for her but end up with epic fail?

Are you always confused about whether it is the right time for you to give her some gift?

Anyway, it is never an easy thing to choose a perfect gift if you don’t know the direction you have to thinking in, and today let me tell you that direction and then gifting her will be as easy as ABC, I think.

Croco Textured Mini Briefcase Style Satchel

Actually, it depends on what type of lady she is, which is the top principle for you to choose the right gifts.   Let me take the bags as an example.

1. Lady Type lady If she is a typical lady, then the typical bag is perfect choice

Dasein Quilted Polka Dot Diaper Bag with Bow Accents-Black/White

Dasein Red Lady Crocodile Alligator Briefcase Handbag Purse-Red

2. Fashion lady Hot styles, such as snake skin handbags are great choice for them.

Rhinestone cross accented snake skin embossed shoulder bag


3. Tomboy Ones Wild styles, such as western style handbags are absolutely nice ones.

Realtree ® camouflage expandable tote bag w/ zipper accents


Hey, Guys! Save Money Now – Start from Your Vacations

Recently, it seems that all topics are about “save”. In 09 Copenhagenclimate conferences which had just ended, all countries were asked to save limited resources and energy. Last week, Obama asked his people to spend less and save more. And the economic recession also requires you to save. Truly, you may have had the sense of “save” with the reducing of the household budget.

Money savings, dasein bags,

Then, what can you do exactly? Cancel the family trip that you have expected for a year?

As a matter of fact, if you are sharp enough, there are still ways for your family to enjoy a great trip with only half budget. Being at all interested? Read and get some dramatic tips in saving money on vacations from this article.

Comparing before deciding

1. Currency

If you have no preference in the destination of your trip, you can consider and compare the exchange rate of currency in advance. It really could make big difference sometimes. And you can search online to find a good place to exchange the local currency. Besides, it is much cheaper to book tickets and hotel with local currency.

top way to save money - buy dasein bags from

2. Airfares

After deciding your destination, you do have to think about the trip tickets. And first of all you should visit some discount websites and compare the price to choose the best deal. Getting some coupon codes is also a great idea. In addition, one way tickets are much more expensive than that of the round trip, so you’d better find round trip tickets, or at least get back to the same airport, which will also save you a lot even in car rentals.

3. Food

It is much likely that the breakfast from hotel is much expensive but with a not so good taste. So just avoid the food from the hotels. You can search online to figure out where to eat before you go out. It is not only good for your wallet, but for your stomach. Anyway, walk around to find a local café or restaurant to enjoy the local favorite. Besides, you can cook for yourself, which is quite fun, clean, and economic as well.

how to save money

Keeping wants and needs in mind

It is really very essential for you to keep wants and needs in mind since you may be attracted by many distinctive, or to say, interesting things in local stores. Truly, it is fine to get some typical souvenirs with local features. But it would be a financial disaster if you spend your money on those things which are just cheaper than those in your country. So each time you buy something, ask yourself a question: Am I really need it or am I really want it? Make sure that you just buy those things that you really need and want.

Keep all above useful tips in mind to save a lot on your vacations!


Top 5 Money-Saving Guides for Online Shopping

Online shopping has been recognized to be a convenient and money-saving way. Generally speaking, you will save 10% to 50% by making purchase online comparing with brick-and-mortar store. I am a fanatical online shopper. Over the years, I have gathered wide experience in saving money when shopping online. I would like to share all my experience with everybody.

money saving, dasein,

Tip1. Compare the price before making decision

Compare the price of your target product in different stores by visiting comparison shopping websites, and you will find the most favorable one. But never try to get things on the cheap. Pie is never in the sky. For example, a pair of Nike shoes costs $80 locally and about $40 online, you can resolutely exclude the store who offers $10 only. Otherwise, you will be one of sharers to provide experience about being cheated and reference for others. Searching Google should remind that you are not alone.


Tip2: Look at the detailed description of product carefully

Quite often, product with the same name and looks alike is not the same. Especially when you are choosing electronic product, do make sure that the configuration is completely the same. Sometimes, a subtle distinction makes a great difference in price.

Tip3: Consider important factors

Take factors such as shipping and return policy into consideration instead of depending on product price only. For instance, a pair of eyeglasses is $100 in with free shipping, and $95 in another store with $10 on shipping. It is obvious the former one is better. Return policy is very important, especially in purchasing valuable things.

FASHION Backpacks-Dasein

Tip4: Take advantage of coupon

It is also one merit of online shopping to use coupon code. Most online stores will provide coupon periodically and update frequently. You can go to websites such as where provides hundreds of thousands of coupon codes. It is comprehensive and you can find coupons for almost all stores.

Tips5: Make the best of cash back shopping

Once you get a clear target, go to the store website and make a purchase via sites that provide cash back for customers, and you will get 5% – 20% cash back. Make sure that the store is in the list of merchant in cash back website. Here are some popular cash back websites:,,, and so on. Some Credit Card official websites also offer cash back. The credit card owner is subjected to enjoy the preferential treatment.

Cash Back - Dasein bags

All above is based on my personal experience, only for your reference. Online shopping is money-saving only when it is done correctly. Hope this helps. I will continually dig more tips about saving money and share with everybody.