Country Chic Update

Here at Fashlets we thrive on bringing you the latest news on our experiences and hearing about yours! Today, we are loving the response that we are getting to this country chic bag. When it arrived in our offices, we knew it was special and we are so excited to hear that you liked it too! The reaction has been huge and we couldn’t be happier. Please take a look at this stylish Faith based fashion handbag with a message and click here to shop at Fashlets!

blue cross bag

This tastefully designed Shoulder Bag shows off your faith with style. Metal and Rhinestones studs enhance the faux leather floral accents against a colorful backdrop of crocheted fabric while the elegant concho studded Cross is your daily reminder. Stepping out in casual attire or Sunday best, this bag will see you through thick and thin! Trendy sophistication through praise. Please visit Fashlets by clicking here to shop for this and

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other appealing bags and wallets, as good looking on the inside as they are on the outside.

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