Do You Wanted A Beautiful Encounter

As lithe and graceful music, groups of handsome tender and beautiful, all show the amorous feelings. Shinohara red admiring, while carefully compare various styles, especially the wide variety of women’s clothing, imagine wearing on yourself?

Shinohara red eyes, however, from time to time are always attracted by the male model, predominantly British wind. And she carry a handbag which belong cheap satchel handbags buy with high quality, she looks so beautiful!

“sixcation” is men’s clothing with its classic elegance and fashion trends of gentleman poise to caress with France.

“romantic feelings” as the main characteristics of elegant dress.

“Oh, that’s not the one?” Shinohara red heart suddenly sprung up a strange feelings, it was so natural and unrestrained is very elegant! “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could go for a walk!”

“Hello!” Just now, the model was coming towards her.

“Oh my god! Are you talking to me?” Japan’s red some excited response.

“You look so serious, what’s the feeling?”

“What our unit to display, I am want to buy some clothes.”

“Oh, go out to play ah, miss watching like a good person, you just see our brand series, how do you feel?”

“Too many styles, quality of a material?”

“Oh, don’t have to say, the company has ten years of history, all materials on always very fastidious, and strives for perfection, to tell you the truth, wear in the body is not only delicate skin texture, and a trigger thoughts of music. I have done a lot of brand of model number of this brand of clothes to wear in the body feel comfortable, it is not only no depressive feeling, sense, and will give your connotation, your temperament to lead out, released. Moreover, their process is very fine, has a complete human body database, that is, from design to cutting is very clever and flexible, some fine point to elaborate sewing by hand. So, whatever the figure, always can find themselves in a ‘sixcation series close-fitting clothing, is made for everyone. In order to miss the stature and temperament, should be a good pick, it depends on your own taste.”

“Ah, so that the brand must be expensive?”

“This, no brand, no grade than that of inferior product price must be higher, the brand is assembled the world’s top designer together to build the brand and a line of fashion culture, has its special spiritual and cultural value. However, its processing and manufacturing is done at home, so although its cost performance is high, but selling is still relatively cheap. We also sell not tube, just company organization focused here we show the brand, this brand is really quite good, leading fashion in Europe and America, has a wealth of music culture connotation, their slogan is’ not interacting with inferior goods, ha ha. You can view, your dress is: , where you can learn more information about ‘sixcation. At that time, if you need I give you do a staff, you can contact with me, this is my phone.”

“Oh, thank you very much! Really can contact you?”

“What, of course, I’m not a big man, ha ha”

“Ha ha”

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