Pearl — Beautiful and unique

Pearl is an ancient organic gems, produced in pearl shellfish and pearlescent shellfish mollusks.Due to secretory action ,it has Color and elegant temperament.Pearl symbol of health, pure, rich and happy, loved by people form of old.

Each pearl surface has loomed the iridescence , this special lingering charm in step with the women’s soft nature , especially elegant and implicit eastern women.

Pearls is different with diamonds and gemstones, pearl was the only naturally treasure don’t need to processed , so in the very long period of time, both in Europe and China, only available for royal.In China the history of use the pearl can back to two thousand years ago .

Pearl type and color is various, so the quality is uneven.we called the pearl treasure when is diameter reach to 7 millimeters. generally the diameter under 6 millimeters pearls are not included in the category of pearl jewelry level.

In addition to the adornment effect, pearl also has medicinal value .Because pearl is close to the neck of people,it has anti-inflammatory action and has good effect on peal is a kand of Beautiful and unique treasure.

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