Flower Bags for a Festive Early Summer

Flower decorated patterns have become the most festive style in the most carefree season. With summer looming ahead, every style conscious accessories fiend should be looking to spice up the wardrobe with a floral print somewhere. Of course, we at Fashlets love our favorite prints first and foremost on handbags. The great thing about floral patterns is that, like real flowers in nature, they come in so many different colors and blossom in each and every way. Some flower bags are quite forthcoming with the concept: a flower almost the size of the bag itself is stitched on in the shape of a rosette.
Diophy Fashion Wristlet Bag

Other flower-based patterns are more subtle in design, as seen on this delicate multi-functional tote:
Floral Print Multi Function Tote Bag

Still others tend to mix up vividly blooming flowers with animal prints. These give off a wildly exotic look that simply cannot be achieved with pure animal print bags. Check out this staff favorite: a leopard print floral satchel made by Dasein.
Dasein leopard floral printed satchel

And if you happen to be into the whole black-and-white contrast over more vibrant hues, you can retain that exotic feel with this zebra printed flower clutch.
Montana West Rustic Couture Zebra Flower Clutch

Whatever style you prefer, flower bags are a must have this summer, as their vividly blooming colors are a celebration of the season’s blue skies, beaming rays, and unabashed optimism.

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