Clutch Bags for a Special Occasion

The late spring to early summer season is prime time for weddings, proms, semi-formals, graduation parties and other festive gatherings. Whether you’re just graduating school or soon-to -be guest to a friend’s wedding, you’re going to want to dress and look your absolute best. Here at the blog we’re here to help you solve one particular style conundrum: which handbag to carry to one of these special occasions?

Assuming you’ll want to travel as lean as possible, you’ll definitely want some sort of clutch-type evening bag. Clutches usually come in sizes of 10 by 8 by 4 (inches), just big enough to hold your makeup, cell phone, cash and/or credit card, yet small enough to clutch in one hand. Some clutches come with a strap just long enough to hang over your wrist, called “wristlets.” But when it comes to clutches, style ultimately trumps over utility, so let’s look at a few styles that are suitable for each type of occasion.

For weddings, we prefer sequined decorations against backgrounds of gold, such as seen on this particular piece:
Sequins flap over front clutch with rhinestone

Sometimes elegant rhinestones may work as well as a decorative piece on the front flap, as seen on this one:
Dasein Elegant Pleated Evening Bag Clutch

Although we like lighter shades of colors for weddings, whatever color you decide on, avoid majority whites as that’s a color reserved for the bride only.

For proms, we love sparkling styles that give off the occasional glare even in a dark, dance-club atmosphere. Again, rhinestones work especially well in these situations for their shine.
Rhinestone decorated satin evening bag clutch

Studded styles are also a popular choice especially for the after-prom party:
Dasein studded clutch wallet

Aside from weddings and proms, we also recommend a few clutches that look great in any social festivity of the season. Pleated clutches with a metallic touch–in the form of gold chains or a push lock–belong in many party scenes:
Gold-Kissed Pleated Clutch

More classic snakeskin embossed styles can be an exotic and eye-catching addition to any evening soiree.
Patent Leatherette Snake Skin Embossed Clutch

If you’re still left searching for the clutch that’s right for you and the special occasion you have in plans, feel free to browse our entire clutches collection here.

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