polka dot satchel

The Return of the Polka Dots

Retro style polka dots made their debut in the high fashion scene some time during the fall of 2011, and the trend has now made its way onto handbags. Reminiscent of something right out of Minnie Mouse’s wardrobe, polka dot prints can bring out the playfulness in anyone’s overall look. The magic in polka dots lies in its variety—the print can come in the style of small grain-like dots, or larger dots mashed together, or slightly contorted ones that give a three-dimensional feel. And the best part of it all, the dots themselves don’t really have to be, well, dots. We’ve seen Marc Jacobs outfits and attires from Natalia Vodianova and Olivia Palermo “dotted” with fine squares and even small hearts. Whatever the pattern, the versatility of polka dots can work for a variety of occasions and yet leave the same chic, playful impression to the eyes of any beholder.

On handbags, we prefer to keep the dots themselves simple to preserve its delicate effect on a small surface area. White is an easy choice for the dots to set against darker backgrounds, and provide just the right contrast. We’ve picked out several new arrivals of the Dasein brand (below) sporting these styles, whether you’re in the hunt for a new satchel, hobo bag, or just a small checkbook.

Dasein white/blue polka dot satchelDasein white/green polka dot hobo bagDasein white/red polka dot checkbook

To see more selections from the Dasein brand, feel free to browse our entire collection at fashlets.com.

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