Top Awesome Hair Styles and Accessories

Hey! Everyone! It’s Monday again! Before I send you off to enjoy some green beer, let’s look back on the prettiness that went down on the blog this week. Here are the best hair, makeup, and hottest sunglasses!


hottest sunglasss from

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Best sunglasses from

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Step 1. Prep the hair.

Added a hair serum and strong-hold mousse before blow-drying to give it a natural, long-lasting hold.

Step 2. Blow-dry with a medium-size brush.

Used a medium round brush at the root area to add volume, then switched to a large round brush to smooth and create soft rounded edges.

Step 3. Finger-comb.

With your fingers, you should combed through and allowed the hair to fall naturally into place. Then misted hair with hairspray for a soft, touchable finish.

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