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How to Clean a Genuine Leather Bag

Generally speaking, a genuine leather bag costs a lot and it is expected to be used for a long time. But if you can’t maintain it well, it will turn to be short-lived. Here are some tips for you to maintain your leather bags. Hope they could be helpful for you.


  • Firstly, what you can do is carefully follow the manufacturer instructions that come with your leather bag.


  • Secondly, when cleaning your leather bag, you should empty all your contents and remove loose dirt by gently shaking your bag.

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  • Thirdly, clean it with a dry cloth, wipe out the interior of your bag.

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  • Fourthly, Dip a damp (definitely not wet) cloth piece in a very mild detergent solution and wipe the surface of your leather bag. To make sure that the cloth piece is not wet, you can wring it out properly after dipping it in the solution.

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  • Fifthly, Dry your bag thoroughly in a dry, dark shaded location. You may want to avoid drying your bag under direct sunlight as this will make it dry and fade its color.

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  • Finally, Store properly. When storing unused bags, clean the surface of the leather first and then stuff the bags with cotton wool or cotton fabric to keep the shape of the bags. Put the bag into soft cotton bags and put it in the wardrobe. This can help to avoid distortion from indentation or pressure from other objects in the wardrobe. Ensure that the wardrobe is kept well ventilated, such as a cupboard with louvres, and do not to put too many things in the closet.

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