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Those Bright Colors for 2013 Spring & Summer

It is easy to find that bright colors are the themeĀ for this Spring. Let’s take a look at some hot release this year.

Now you may familiar with Andy Warhol collection, But you may not know that a collaboration inspired by French fashion photographer Guy Bourdin will be released soon. The collection, created on behalf of the Guy Bourdin Estate, will feature Bourdin’s innovative and provocative work in a set of unique beauty products. Specific product details have not been released yet, it is for sure that bright colors are the main theme.


Bourdin may not be a household name like Andy Warhol, he was a prominent fashion photographer from the 1950s to the 1980s and his work spanned both fashion magazines spreads and advertising campaigns. While his photos were often seen as controversial, he was known for creating fashion photography that told a story and evoked a specific emotion. How Nars will translate this vision into colour cosmetics remains to be seen, but speculation already suggests that the collection could include powerful colours and sensual imagery.

While we fully expected to see a spectrum of bright, bold hues come down the runway, what we didn’t expect was a serious mix of luxurious navy blues, icy grays, and jeweled purples to tag along.

In short, Spring’s vibrant forecast already has us dreaming of ways to style up an outfit that perfectly reflects its rainbow hues. Enjoy!



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