Tips On Maintaining Jewelry and Accessories

Just like the beautiful flowers, the jewels also need to be taken with care so as to keep them for a long time. Proper maintenance and cleaning could let them in a good condition all the time and prolong the usage, making them look brighter and more shining. Although there are many kinds of jewels, the ways of cleaning and maintaining them are similar. Some tips are as follows in the hope that they can be useful for you.

First and foremost, handle all your jewellery with care since they are easy to get scratched or dented if treated roughly. All your jewelry, especially the items like rings and bracelets are easy to suffer friction or weakness and lose superficial luster.


Secondly, to avoid the chemicals, acid and base solution which is regarded as the greatest enemy of jewels. Repeated exposure can weaken jewels’ structure, eventually leading to breakage. So keep your jewelry away from chlorinated cleaning products and out of swimming pools and Jacuzzis.


Thirdly, another essential point is that acids, abrasives and other harsh chemicals found in some common household cleaning solutions can weaken your jewel or damage its finish.


Fourthly, it is also very important to store and keep your jewellery properly. Separate boxes and soft clothes are needed to store and wrap each piece of your jewels when there is no need to wear them so as to prevent them from getting tangled or scratching one another.


Fifthly, Do not forget to inspect your gold jewelry for weakness or damage and bring them to a good jeweler you trust for immediate repair.


Last but not least, Make sure to clean your jewelry regularly. Since repeatedly exposed to dust, moisture, perspiration and makeup will make your jewel lose its luster. And you can use a cleaning solution of sudsy, lukewarm water, or bring it to your local jeweler and have it professionally steam-cleaned. Just do not forget to dry and polish it with a chamois or soft cloth to avoid scratches and bring out their shine.


In a nutshell, only if you clean and maintain your jewelry in a right way, can they be kept for a longer time.

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