2012 Winter Clothes Combination

Winter is coming, how can we be in a perfect appearance during this Winter? Maybe this is the common problem that all beauty-loving girls worry about. And how to match your clothes according to you figure? Here are some basic tips of personalized garment:

Firstly, you should gradually establish your own dress style, or choose some stylish clothes for yourself.

Today we are impressed by the dress master, whether a designer or a celebrity, there is only one reason – they created their own style. A person should have his own aesthetic tastes, and can not be swayed by the tide of ever-changing, but should appreciate the aesthetic in their own tone, by adding elements of fashion at that time, integration into personal taste. Integration of a person’s temperament, conservation, and style of dress will reflect the personality, and personality is the highest state of dressing.

Secondly, clothes change with your age, identity, status.

A western scholars and professor said that in interpersonal interaction, Generally speaking, people will pay 7% of their attention to your conversations, 38% is to your presentation and communication skills (such as attitude, tone of voice, body language, etc.), but 55% to your appearance and your performance commensurate.

Thirdly, buying those accessories that can match with our your clothing and temperament.

It is very important to learn thoroughly basic courses, read your own body, temperament and color, understand your appropriate colors and styles.

The principles of accessories and color match White color’s combination principle, the white stripes under the assembly with a yellow shirt, is the best combination of soft colors; dressing in ivory trousers, dressing in lavender suit, accompanied by plain white T-shirt is a successful matching, can be fully demonstrated as the self-personality; ivory white trousers and pale shirt with casual wear is also a successful combination; white pleated dress with pale pink sweater off, giving a soft elegant feel.

Red and white is a bold combination.

Dressing on a white casual shirt and wearing a red mini skirt looks warm and chic.

Brown color’s combination principle, brown matching with white gives a pure feeling.

Golden-brown knee-length shirt with collar, adding an elegant atmosphere, may reflect the charm of short skirts.

Choosing conservative colorful fabrics can make a simple feature. Elegant chestnut coat matches with a red sweater and red scarf looks vivid pretty incomparable.

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