2012 Top Christmas Gift Ideas

2012 Christmas is around the corner, but I still have not begun to choose gifts for my families and friends. I believe many of you are just the same to me, waiting for the last week before Christmas since many things will be very cheap at that time. But anyway you have to list down what kind of gifts you want to buy. As for me, I have done this already. I am sure you all want your gifts can spark a smile on receiver’s face, but what is list.

Let’s first take a look at my list.


No matter men or women, they all want to have their own flavor which means some kind of identity and style of them. Therefore, if you send your families and friends a bottle of perfume which is chose according to their preference as Christmas gift, they will be very happy.

Accessories, such as fashion handbags

Although many people refuse to choose accessories as Christmas gift since they believe that accessory are too ordinary as gift. Ok, the point is “too ordinary”, but not “bad”, and what we need to do is to find some extraordinary and distinctive accessories, such as Dasein handbags, Realtree bags, etc. I believe that no women can refuse the temptation of elegant handbags. So if you get such kind of fashion handbag as Christmas gift, the receiver will be very happy.


It seems that jewelry has become some kind of necessary ornaments of people since no matter men or women pay great attention to jewelry. And jewels also try best to promote various jewelries at a rapid speed. So if you can pick some fashionable or distinctive jewellery pieces for your friends and families, they will be very excited.


Maybe the brand scarf for your families and friends is all right. But have you ever imagined what the result is if you knit the scarf for them? I just clearly remembered last Christmas when I gave the black scarf I knitted to my husband, he was deeply moved and gave me a big smile. And each time he went out, he always kept it. So if you want to express you care to your loved ones, just knit a scarf or something else for them, it will turn out to be a great Christmas gift.

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