How to save money on holiday shopping

It is time again! And you really should prepare perfect gifts for the guys on your list. Good news is there are ways to save cash while buying presents. Many websites offer rewards, such as cash back, coupon code, huge discounts and so on. Here are the details:

1. Subscribe for big deals and coupon code

You may not know, but there are great deals on various products in your city everyday! How to get those deals in the first time? You can subscribe the emails of the website you like to receive the coupon code and big deals or you can regisiter for coupon code website. For example, the recent deals on is: 10% OFF selected Halloween hangbags. Details are here.

2. Cash Back

If you have a debit or credit card from Bank of America, you can enroll in their “Add It Up” program, which lets you earn cash back up to 20 percent on purchases made through one of the almost 400 retailers in their shopping portal. For example, if you wanted to buy someone an iPhone, instead of going to Apple’s website, you would go to Bank of America’s shopping portal, buy the phone there and get 4 percent cash back on your purchase.

You can also go to Fashlets ebay store to get casg back.

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3. Credit Card Rewards

Many Banks offer points program. And a nice perk is points never expire, and there’s no limit on how many you can accumulate. just use their thank you bonus center. You can buy anything from books to computers to vacations.

“I can’t tell you how much time and money I have saved,” says Monica. “But I get about 60 percent off all the price on my list before I even step out the door.”

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