Top 4 Christmas Shopping Tips

We live on a cutting budget time. So planning ahead is an important part of being able to survive. As August exit and September roars in, I am busy making a list of people who are buying for and what my intentions are for spending. This is how we are able to afford a decent Christmas by planning early and starting in September.


 Set a budget

The first thing I do each year is make a list. Each name is listed with an amount next to it. I try to stay around $20-$30 a person, except for my parents, which is approximately $50 per set. My rough budget is $400, which leaves room for a little overspending.

Pick discount items or clearance

I am a discount and clearance shopper. Each time I visit online stores, I always pay attention to those things that are marked down. I don’t always find a deal but when I do, I scoop it up.

Buy from a popular store

I pick up all my designer handbags, tissue paper, and fashion accessories from popular stores which have well reputation.

Two gifts a month minimum

In order to ensure I have gifts for everyone when Christmas rolls around, I make sure to stick to a minimum of one gift purchase per pay period. I buy at least two gifts a month, making this a requirement starting in September helps me to spread the budget out and not have to skip a bill payment at the last minute.

Each year I look forward to July because it makes it seem like Christmas isn’t so far away. I enjoy bargain hunting and trying to stay well below budget. Each year I end up with more savings than the year before. Last year our budget was $400 and we only spent $315. I saved $85 and were able to hit the after-Christmas sales!

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