How to Choose Fall Must-have Clutches

A chic clutch bag is this season’s essential accessory choice. From big and chic, to small and elegant, we are seeing them everywhere! But how to choose the right one that can make you stand out in this fall? Here are some top tips from fashion editors:

Small & oversized fashion clutch purse

A small clutch purse is simple and elegant and it seems to say “I’m just hanging out, wandering, not in a hurry, and don’t need to carry much… and don’t I look cute?” they are definitely still in style. And the extra-large, soft, oversized clutch is also welcomed those days. We just cannot resist the temptation of oversized clutch purses since they kick any outfit up a notch and add a sense of whimsy.

Try trendy clutch

Accessories are a fun way to play with fashion, and can be inexpensive too. In fact, we recommend if you want to try a new trend, try the trend through your accessories and with a new clutch purse — since you don’t have to make a style commitment! Just try a trend for a season and see how it goes. If you love it, you have a newfound style; and if not, pass on the “trend” and stick with what you love!

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