Generally, leather handbags are luxury items that can be very costly, especially when they are brand ones. Leather bags are easy to be damaged due to daily use or mold. If you know how to maintain the leather handbags, you can make them last longer and remain aesthetically pleasing for longer periods of time. Here are some essential tips in maintaining leather handbags, hope it is help for you to keep your loving designer leather handbags.

"designer leather handbags, dasein designer leather handbags"

designer leather handbags, dasein designer leather handbags

1. Each time you use your designer leather handbags, remember to wipe all dust and dirt with a soft cloth.

2. Dampen the soft cloth and apply soap, working it into the bag with a gentle motion. Apply one squirt of soap to the wash cloth. Keep in mind that you should test for discoloration problems in an unnoticeable area, such as the bottom of the bag, to ensure the soap will not ruin the dye.

Generally speaking soap is appropriate for most leathers. Wipe the excess soap away with a clean, damp cloth.

3. Please dry the leather completely after wiping it down. This prevents mold and mildew growth on the leather handbag. It is suggested to keep the bag as dry as possible or dry it immediately after it has gotten wet.

"Studded camouflage satchel bag with rhinestone fleur de lis - dasein"

Studded camouflage satchel bag with rhinestone fleur de lis – dasein

4. Use some leather conditioner when you find the leather starts to feel hard, stiff or like it is going to crack. Try to use the leather conditioners that are made specifically to improve the flexibility of the leather.

5. Last but least, store the leather bag in a dry and clean area. Water and heat are bad for your leather handbags.

Hope the above tips are helpful for you.

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