Top 3 Fall 2012 Street Style

Although fall is still on the way, people in New York seem have well prepared for the coming cold weather. The following are their cold-weather innovations:

Ultra-tailored dresses:

Turned-up collars, snoods, and turtlenecks draw eyes to the neck as a seasonal place to play with color and volume.

★★-Fall Musts & Styles

★★-Fall Musts & Styles

Clutching shoulder bag

Clutching shoulder bag: Of course, this statement is practical in practice—holding your handbag close creates an extra barrier against the crash of New York winds.

★★-Fall Musts & Styles - Clutches

★★-Fall Musts & Styles – Clutches

Warm colors

Golden child, wax on, laminated finish, and so on stand out on this fall and winter in the forms of bags, outwears and all kinds of accessories, warming both looks and bodies of you.

★★-Fall Trends -Brights

★★-Fall Trends -Brights

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