Hey, Guys! Save Money Now – Start from Your Vacations

Recently, it seems that all topics are about “save”. In 09 Copenhagenclimate conferences which had just ended, all countries were asked to save limited resources and energy. Last week, Obama asked his people to spend less and save more. And the economic recession also requires you to save. Truly, you may have had the sense of “save” with the reducing of the household budget.

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Then, what can you do exactly? Cancel the family trip that you have expected for a year?

As a matter of fact, if you are sharp enough, there are still ways for your family to enjoy a great trip with only half budget. Being at all interested? Read and get some dramatic tips in saving money on vacations from this article.

Comparing before deciding

1. Currency

If you have no preference in the destination of your trip, you can consider and compare the exchange rate of currency in advance. It really could make big difference sometimes. And you can search online to find a good place to exchange the local currency. Besides, it is much cheaper to book tickets and hotel with local currency.

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2. Airfares

After deciding your destination, you do have to think about the trip tickets. And first of all you should visit some discount websites and compare the price to choose the best deal. Getting some coupon codes is also a great idea. In addition, one way tickets are much more expensive than that of the round trip, so you’d better find round trip tickets, or at least get back to the same airport, which will also save you a lot even in car rentals.

3. Food

It is much likely that the breakfast from hotel is much expensive but with a not so good taste. So just avoid the food from the hotels. You can search online to figure out where to eat before you go out. It is not only good for your wallet, but for your stomach. Anyway, walk around to find a local café or restaurant to enjoy the local favorite. Besides, you can cook for yourself, which is quite fun, clean, and economic as well.

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Keeping wants and needs in mind

It is really very essential for you to keep wants and needs in mind since you may be attracted by many distinctive, or to say, interesting things in local stores. Truly, it is fine to get some typical souvenirs with local features. But it would be a financial disaster if you spend your money on those things which are just cheaper than those in your country. So each time you buy something, ask yourself a question: Am I really need it or am I really want it? Make sure that you just buy those things that you really need and want.

Keep all above useful tips in mind to save a lot on your vacations!


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