Bags from Fall 2014 to Spring 2015

That lovely cool stream coming a little earlier each evening has us thinking that fall is definitely here and with fall comes the fall fashions-spring too for that matter…what…too soon?

We fell in love with orange for Spring 2015 that was all over the runway.  After all, country fashion is all about rugged style, and this is a color that we can get behind!  It says fall, spring and kicking all at once!  This delicious Dasein® A-frame handbag reminds us of pumpkin pie, the  deep amber of changing leaves and Thanksgiving just as much as super chic Spring looks!

Orange Neat Purse

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 So Great that everyone is getting behind camo….welcome folks!  The simplicity of this quilted camo backpack makes it a must all year round essential, but with backpacks topping the fall style charts, this one really caught our eye.  Roomy and chic….darn, never thought we would say that about camo.

rosen blue backpack

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We all adore a good briefcase that helps the hardworking ladies do their job in style!  This season we came out swinging in the arena of professional style with chic cases in a palette of gorgeous colors.  Bring your A-game to the office with your choice of royal blue, red, black, brown, orange and more!

briefcasce red

For the fashionista business women, we have the bag for your next power move!  A fabulously sleek example of professional femininity and all business in faux Buffalo leather from Dasein®!

Shop for this emblem case at Fashlets!

briefcase black

briefcase blue

These two faux Buffalo Dasein® cases make classic the right move for your office style.  Dress it up or down, no matter which way you cut it, your style and business savy show right through!

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Rounding out fabulous accessory options from Fashlets, we love a good camo bag and one that says fall and style…well, you can’t get much better than that.  Fashion with a country twist!

Orange Camo

In a hot barrel bag silhouette with faux croc orange trim, we think its the bees knees for your casual outfits!

Click here to shop this sassy camo bag at Fashlets!

We absolutely could not make this list without adding one of our favorite Dasein® bags in croc/ostrich fusion!  An anytime classic in brilliant colors with a loose ring snaffle bit to boot!  Too and great details make this an easy choice!

fusion snaffle bag

Click here to shop this faux textured Dasein® Bag!

We aren’t even close to done with great styles, so stay tuned for more bags coming your way and visit us at for our Fall Bags Sale!

Five Bag Pairings For Your Summer Wardrobe!

We are starting Summer off right. Time to kick back and relax with some straight forward, no holds barred shopping! The showroom is full of brand new Realtree® Camo print wallets and fashion handbags, some of our top selling items and some fresh new styles. But we aren’t just about bags at Fashlets, we love all things country from top to toes. So on that note, which bag do you pair with which outfit? This is too much fun!

Just click any of the images to shop that style at Fashlets!

XG tote

At Fashlets we like to pair an adorable tote with our favorite boot cut jeans. This light weight studded beauty featuring Realtree® Camo and Faux Croc detailing leaves room for a little more flare in the pant leg. On top? A simple, soft shade pink or white tee suits us, but since you are carrying a smaller bag, what about some nice big shades to complete the look.

studded barrel cross bodyThis bag is all about the boots! Wear it cross body with the adjustable shoulder strap or swinging from the flirty chic linked metal handle. Either way, what better way to accessorize your fabulous cowgirl footwear than with a Studded, fringe barrel bag? This season’s must have from Fashlets!


max 1 camo bag cross


Extra Green Realtree® Camo calls for rugged country style in our book here at Fashlets.

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With the studded Cross and Faux Croc eyelet side details, the is your everyday lovely day satchel bag. Our team is split on this one. Half of us see you tearing down a country road, tank top and skinny dark blue jeans setting off the deep green and tan tones, and the other half are set on this roomy satchel hanging gently from your arm, bible safely stored away on the church steps in a gauzy Sunday best dress.

tote realtree

Ohhhh…this one says shorts to us! This luxurious Realtree® Pink camo Print Tote will see you through all of your summer adventures! The top, twist lock strap will make sure that everything stays safe and secure no matter where the river bend takes you. Have to have a cute button down shirt on top of course and with this one, sandals or boots, it’s up to you ladies!

Italian Print Tote

Okay, you busted us! It’s not Country Chic, but it is Italian Country Chic! We know how Country girls love to keep it stylish and surprising when it comes to their fashion, so we thought we would throw a little Summer surprise in there to round off our Fashlets Five Pairings list! This Italian print tote, featuring a on the go cutie throws a bit of international fun into your wardrobe. This one pretty much calls for a brilliantly colored top and some adorable heels. We would finish it off with some dangling earrings and stacked rings or a row of light bracelets.

Dasein® Fashion Bags in Realtree® Camo Prints

What a great combination, Realtree® Camouflage Prints in fabulous, trending Dasein® styles! We are so excited to offer a gorgeous selection of Camo fashion bags in a variety of Realtree® prints. But which one to choose? Each print is as unique as the bags that carry them! Read on for a break down of what accessory you want cruising along with you this Summer in Realtree® Prints!

fleur bag





Realtree® APG is a light, open and neutral-toned print. APG is printed in beautiful leaf and branch detail from early fall and spring. Shop for this print in Dasein® styled Wallets and bags by clicking here.


max 1 camo bag cross

Realtree® MAX-1 camo combines a perfect balance of earth tones, prairie grasses, brush, rock and sage with just a subtle touch of shadow detail for added depth throughout the print. Click here to

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shop for Realtree Prints at

max 4 tote

The Realtree® MAX-4 camo design features cattails, millet, milo, cornstalks, sunflowers, oak and maple leaves, cedar and oak limbs as well as other waterside plants. The stunning, rich detail of this print reminds us of Summer beside the lake. Click here to shop for this and other Summery Styles.

XG tote







Realtree® XG or Xtra Green is a brighter leafy green print with all the complexity of the other designs and an added pop of spring color. Click here to shop this print at!

Independence Day Messenger Bag Tribute!

Pictures of the brave and loyal soldiers that risked their lives to carry messages back and forth during the American Revolution are some of the most inspirational images that one can come across in relation to America’s fight for independence. As we get ready to celebrate Independence Day this Fourth of July, we at Fashlets would like to take a moment to honor the messengers, soldiers and brave citizens on the

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front lines and the roles they played in bringing about the signing of the Declaration of Independence as we prepare for Independence Day!

It is always facinating how Fashion and History combine to make up current trends. During the American Revolution, the cross body messenger and satchel bags were used as an essential part of the soldier’s life.

cartridge pouch1700s

Cartridge bags (1777), like the one above, were carried by American soldiers during the revolution. You can see the similarities between this and the cross body messenger and satchel bags that are worn today. The purpose? To keep the soldiers hands free while carrying gear that they may need at a moment’s notice.

messenger bag3 messenger bag5

Looking at a fashion cross body/messenger bag and fashion satchel bags, you can see the similarities in style as through history, utilitarian turned into utilitarian fashion. The long strap, hanging across the chest and back keep the small, light bag secure while the front flap gives you access without fuss.


Serious business! But let’s not forget the ladies! Emily Geiger was 18 years old and living in South Carolina when the Revolutionary War broke out in America. American General Nathaniel Greene was camped nearby and needed to get a message to General Thomas Sumter so that the two could mount and attack. South Carolina was heavily occupied by British Troops at the time and he could not find anyone brave enough to take the risk. Except Emily Geiger. Taking the message she set off on horse back but was captured by British soldiers.

emily geiger

They took her to a farmhouse, locking her in a room where she quickly memorized and ate the message! After an extensive search they gave up and released her. Emily was able to deliver the message to General Sumter from memory and the British troops were forced into retreat. We have no confirmation, but we bet that the precious message was carried in a secure messenger bag for safe keeping prior to being devoured. In honor of Emily and all of the other heroes and heroines of the American Revolution, we are pleased to offer 20% off Realtree® Camo Print Bags of all shapes and styles for Independence Day. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July! UPDATE: This sale has expired, but please visit us at Fashlets for more exciting promotions!

Country Chic Update

Here at Fashlets we thrive on bringing you the latest news on our experiences and hearing about yours! Today, we are loving the response that we are getting to this country chic bag. When it arrived in our offices, we knew it was special and we are so excited to hear that you liked it too! The reaction has been huge and we couldn’t be happier. Please take a look at this stylish Faith based fashion handbag with a message and click here to shop at Fashlets!

blue cross bag

This tastefully designed Shoulder Bag shows off your faith with style. Metal and Rhinestones studs enhance the faux leather floral accents against a colorful backdrop of crocheted fabric while the elegant concho studded Cross is your daily reminder. Stepping out in casual attire or Sunday best, this bag will see you through thick and thin! Trendy sophistication through praise. Please visit Fashlets by clicking here to shop for this and

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other appealing bags and wallets, as good looking on the inside as they are on the outside.

Montana West® Sandals Have Arrived!

Just in! Comfy wedge sandals for your hard working tootsies! The cushy foot bed, comfort lined straps, Montana West® Country Road 66 stamped tread and soft, fabric toe separator make this dazzling sandal as luxurious to slip on as it is beautiful! We are loving how the one and three quarter inch wedge under the heel adds just that right amount of length to our legs. So kick back, look over these just arrived styles and click here to get your very own Summer sandals at Fashlets!



Decorate your precious tootsies with these gorgeous Rhinestone studded flower design Montana West® wedge flip flops. These glam sandals will add some bling to a casual outfit or serve as a compliment to your other fabulous accessories! Click here to shop at Fashlets!

mirror cross sandals

Let these stunning Montana West® wedge flip flops add a little height while they lift your spirits! With a Rhinestone encrusted mirror cross as the centerpiece of your new sandal, the comfort lined camo straps and soft fabric toe separator will show your faith with style! Click here to shop for these wonderful faith based Summer accessories and more at Fashlets!


Dazzle your tootsies with Montana West® wedge flip flops. The dazzling studded Rhinestone Concho centerpiece is set off by equally glam, comfort lined camo straps attached to a cushy Montana West® flower patterned foot bed. Yummy!! Click here to shop!

mirror cross embroidery sandals

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What a stunning way to display your faith! These Montana West® wedge flip flops aren’t afraid to show who you believe in and neither are you. The intricate embroidery on the faux leather and Rhinestone studded straps make the perfect complement to the mirrored, encrusted cross centerpiece shining up at you day after day. Click here to get your own pair at Fashlets!

Celebrity Fathers With Style!

June is about the guys! Father’s Day, June 15th, International men’s month and National Men’s Health week are all hosted in the lovely manly month of June. So to kick it off with a celebration of the men in our life, we’ve put together a list of fabulous celebrity father’s with style. And as a bonus, we’ve assembled a shopping guide for you in case you want to add a bit of these great Dad’s style to your guy’s wardrobe; all available at Fashlets, just click here! What a chore, but someone had to do it! We hope you enjoy looking over our list as much as we did making it.


Johnny Depp is always looking cool with the kids. On the list of our fashionable Dad’s, Mr. Depp goes from suits to jeans with some pretty consistent accessory choices. Hat, sunglasses and what we think completes the coolest of Dad looks, the beaded necklaces. We really like how he is rocking the camo as well.

Get This Look at Fashlets
Depp necklace2Depp necklace


Celebrity10_Dads_HughJackman_P_new_1-satchelCelebrity Dad Hugh Jackman certainly

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knows how to father with casual style, keeping it simple while escorting his daughter around town and the always convenient and trendy backpack is the best way to go hands free with the kids!

Click Here to Get This Look at Fashlets

Dasein BackPack brnDasein Faux Leather Backpack


Who could mention stylish Dads without talking about Will Smith? The man can hang a suit and obviously his sense of style is all in the family with Mother Jada always looking fresh as well. Mr. Smith keeps it simple on the accessories, adding touches like a classic hat or, our favorite, fashionable scarves to complete his outfits.

Click Here to Get This Look at Fashlets

will smith scarf2will smith scarf3

brad pitt camo backpackFor Brad Pitt, Stylish Dad on many lists, hands free is not an option. But he keeps stepping with ease with the addition of some useful accessories. Another fan of a good classic hat, and a utilitarian bag.

Click Here to Get This Look at Fashlets

brad pit camo backpack

tomcruise-girl's handbagWhen you have to carry your daughter’s bag, Dad’s do it with confidence! Tom Cruise is seen toting his daughter’s mini bag, and looking every inch the stylish Father in the process.

Click Here to Get This Look at Fashlets

tom cruise bag

lenny-kravitz-sunglassesThe ultimate cool rocker Dad Lenny Kravitz is almost never seen without a pair of stylish sunglasses. Seen here with daughter Zoe, they make one of the cutest Father Daughter pairs ever!

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lenny kravitz sunglasses2lenny kravitz sunglasseslenny kravitz sunglasses 3



Attention Western Loving Ladies!

Visit to see our fresh selection of Montana West® Wallets, Shoulder bags, Sandals and Totes just in time for Summer! Your tootsies and your pocket book will thank you!


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